Thursday, January 21, 2010

LP: Maibigan o Magustuhan (likes)

Ito ang aking asawa na nag tripping sa Bicol last dec17,09 kasalukayang nagbubuga ng lava ang bulkan Mayon. kakaiba ang naibigan.
Naibigan ko subukan ang ganitong adventure "katakot yata".
Nasa gitna ng bangin habang nakalambitin sa tore.
Maibigan din nyo ang kakaibang tripping sa Zipline ng Bicol.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On my 24th weeks

Now at this time a beginning to getting bigger and chubby. Because I craving for a lot of fruits,foods and sometimes sodas. My tummy looks like 8 months pregnant they keep on saying that I looked beautiful while pregnant.How I wish that my baby is a girl, but is not. I'm having a Baby Boy again.

Highschool Life

My 2 BFF until now we have communications on line.
nothing change mostly in our looks................
This is my high school classmate batch 1994. One of them is a Dentist, teacher, government employee,US citizen ,O F W and housewife. We have a good time in one day lunch, dinner and good time in a bar and videokebar.

Good bye 2009 hello 2010!

I thank god for giving me the life and trials last 2009. For me I’ve been blessed for all time for giving me a good husband, son, in laws and friends, family. The year 2009 have been the most hard and sorrowful mystery in my life. There’s the time that we’ve been financially down. Our entire source gets slowdown. 2009 gives me also the worst heart ached in my entire life, the betrayals of my husband. I felt lonely and mad .I tried to commit suicide then but all of a sudden I realize that what will happen with my 10 year old son if it gone. After a month’s god gave us another chance to forgive and forget. He sends me a baby and I’m 2 months pregnant that time. I told myself that this is the start to a new life and family. But too sad to say, the baby is gone they have to get an early abortion because too much bleeding. It’s been a nightmare to me all the time. Another sad story is my mother past away and my grandmother. Now I’m thinking that I’m alone to face the world and fight in coming year. I’ve learned a lot with all this year. 2010 still a numbers for me. What would happen this year for us? We’re hoping to be good and healthy, giving birth again soon with a baby boy. Hoping there is a good opportunity abroad waiting for us. Hope that place has a new start to my family.