Friday, September 18, 2009

My Treasured Pictures

These are my parent pictures that I treasured most. My Dad past way 30yrs ago.I'm too young then to recall what kind of father he is? All I know he is a good provider and loving father.
Then my mom died last year. She is a Nasal Cancer patient and she 's being treated only 8 months a with operation, Chemo and Cobalt Therapy. Then May 13, 2008 she past away. Hope their are happy together
Here is my treasured picture with my mom and 3 older sister's taken last Christmas .

Thursday, September 17, 2009

LP: Karatula(sign)

Magandang huwebes mga taga LP. Ito ang aking lahok sa lingo ito sa KARATULA . Medyo looks or sounds not nice but the meaning of this word is " Delicious" food like Shawarma.This picture was took by my hubby when he is in Abudabi UAE.

Food Trip

this the club house sandwich of Beverly Place Golf course
Almondigas a soup with meatballs and the Lumpia Shanghai this our lunch
for the dessert a mini rice cake or Bibingka for early Christmas delicacies and a Red tea for my refreshment
. after a few rest we dicide to make a homemade siomai like this for diner.

Blogger's Delight

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Study Habits For Kids

When I was a kid, my dad made sure we did our homework right after we got home from school. Dinner usually follow and after that, most probably we'd be in our PJs ready for bed. We barely had time to play or even stay up late watching TV on school nights. It's a big difference now with kids these days. After school is " video game till you drop" time. With all the gadgets readily available, they are easily distracted. Game consoles, portable games and cellphones are just a few of the things kids would rather be busy on instead of homework or projects. Maybe I can never get used to see 8- year old kids with cellphones or 10- yr olds with laptops. Isn't that a bit too soon for their age? Sure many of you loving parents can afford to buy all these things to your kids, but if we give them unecessary things, we are in a sense, teaching them negative values. Yes we want our kids to be intelligent, updated with the latest technologies the world can offer. We want nothing but the best for them, the best that we can possibly give. There's nothing wrong with keeping up with technology, but we should never forget that a child always needs guidance. Although there are a lot of smart kids out there who are really out of the chart intelligent, they are still kids. And I think we have to share to them what we learned from our parents. Basic values and virtues like discipline is, for me, a must in a every child if we really want them to succeed in life.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

LP:# 74 Lansangan

Lansalngan ng Guagua Pampanga. Ito ang isang lgaur sa Philipines na kaunting ulan ay binabaha na. Nangyari ito noong nakaraang bagyong 'maring' ito ang naging resulta na dulot ng bagyo sa mga lansangan ng Guagua.
Ito naman ang daan ng Mc Arthur patungo ng City of San Fernando. .
Sa likod nito ay isang Bakery na inabutan din ng tubig baha.
Pagkatapos ng mahabang road trip sa baha, kailangn muna magpainit , uminom ng mainit na kape at kumain ng pandesal.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Link From Blog

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Midnight Break

Most jobs have their usual lunch breaks while others have their usual tea time. I guess most of you feel a bit sleepy after having lunch at work and might wanna have a bit of a shut eye during your lunch break. You may have tried to just lay back on one chair and place your feet on another chair just so you can be comfortable while resting after lunch. The break we have here is anything but usual. Since it's a night shift, workers here are given about 30-45 mins of nap time when the clock strikes 12; midnight that is. And we won't have to worry about pulling other chairs to be comfy.