Thursday, December 02, 2010

Crab Soup for kids

                                 One of my favorite soups is the Crab soup.

This is how I cooked it


Big Crab,Onion leaves (chopped),Miswa (Boil Noodles),Garlic (dice),Onion (chopped),Fish sauce (patis) ,Water 2 cups, Pepper (1teaspoon). Sautee onion, garlic, crabs with fish sauce in low fire. Make sure you crab is clean. After few min put some water and salt, do not forget the Miswa okay. Enjoy your food.

Me and Basti

Sebastian is 7 months old last November 19, 2010. I am making sure that everything were doing find. I have been quite busy for my kids lately because for their everyday needs. In addition, were experiencing a sad moment since my brother in-law past away last Oct 04, 2010. Now Christmas is coming and we celebrate this with love and happiness. Moreover to start new views in life, dreams and continue living. As a blogger we always want to express our feelings with my fellow bloggers. Now I’m back Please help me to do so.