Thursday, July 19, 2012


A month past by, All our children are busy and excited for new adventure and problems.Some of them our preparing for their new Love life. hmm! too early for love bugs. But for short experience.Why not?
My son is on 4 year high school or middle school the age of many questions or Why ? How ? Who?
He is a teenager more aggressiveness attitude of a boy. As a mother I have the power to control everything and explain the Do, Does not. 

Beep beep beep....Videoke Jeepney

Yesterday I went to a Government Office in our place. I usually ride a public transportation to get there. I've been riding a Jeep  since I was a kid . Before Jeepneys are 6 sitters long open air window, now there are 7-11 sitters long and close window with an air-con on it. Isn't good and amazing . Most Filipinos are so creative and resources full. One of their creativity is the Jeep playing Videoke inside. They put TV and DVD speakers for good music at same you can sing with it. For the reason that less annoying and boring time while waiting for the other person to ride on. You can try this Jeep with videoke only in the Philippines....
 Try to visit our Country for more exciting and exploring events..