Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wish to go back

After giving birth with my 2nd baby . I decided to be a full time mom and wife. I want to give them the best care and guidance I can give. As years goes by, my kids  grown as I expected with the help of our Lord . Now I decided to have a little time for my self and share to you all. I want to go back in blogging and update some of my duties in blogger world. Hope you can help me...

Step forward

"And now it's about moving on. first come foremost to be rebirth and be renewed our goals. But how can I help my hubby to raise my 2kids. I'm keep on asking my self, What shall I do? Can we open a new business? or I just stay at home and be simple wife. But time past by  I realize that we have to do it with my hubby. We think it's better to go business in catering service. In a small amount of money we can start our business. So we can move one step forward in our life with our 2 sons. And after that I can go back to my favorite hobby "blogging" . So friends and some Advertiser hope you can help me step forward in blogger world..