Thursday, October 22, 2009

Web Host Search

If you’re in some point in your life wherein you want to involve yourself in a higher level of internet use, you might want to consider using the services provided by Web Hosts.

For those who are interested, here’s a quick overview about web hosting; just to give you an idea on how to start up on things.

Basically there are two kinds of web hosts- shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting, and there are those so called hybrids in between. Each kind has its own pros and cons. It’s better to learn more about each kind of web host and as well as web host providers before getting into any agreement.

But checking out every possible good web host may just well be as tough as visiting every supermarket just to make sure you bought the right groceries. The people on website hosting just made your job a lot easier. They reviewed every web host out there and ranked them accordingly. All you have to do is check out their site and everything you need to know about web hosting is right there. And if ever you want to switch your web host, this is the site for you. Check it out.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mommy Moments - A Day at the Mall

Friday once again for our Mommy Moments entry. Another shot for my niece and nephews driving the Cart Doll for fun. My niece named this cart as a kalesa robot because the doll is moving.
either my nephew enjoying the ride. aren't they too big for this ride?
But anyway after that we went to the supermarket to get some of our kitchen stuff and food.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Thank you cousin Sylvia for sharing this to me.

Its sad that people dwell on the small

things in there past. Leave it be or you will never

be happy the thing that hurt you will have power

over your every move and thought.

Some people just can not let go, they SHOULD

is only going to eat at them over time.

Making them not trust anyone, Pushing away

the ones that will be there for them. Holding

a sickning grudge, aginst the pain that was inflected

Pain is apart of life, Emotinal, mental and physcial

it is suppose to help you grow into a better, stronger

and wiser person. For some it does not happen that way,

it turns them into a mere child. HOW pathetic, but hopefully

the majority grow, learn and become stronger.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Magandang Huwebes mga taga LP. Tamang-tamang ang tema natin "Tamad" sa panahong tag - ulan dito sa Pilipinas. Sa lamig at sarap ng pagkain ay nasusumpungan nang mga tao na maging tamad. Tulad nang aking MIL at SIL na wari ko na antok na antok sila at tamad na gumalaw .

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Christmas Cards Just For You

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching. Many of us have already started filling up those Christmas list which seem to grow every year. If you gave 10 presents last year, this coming season you may have to give more. There are tons of gift ideas out there; jewelries, clothes, sport items, candies and toys. But despite any gift in mind, Christmas cards are still the most intimate items you can give, especially if they are personalized Christmas cards.

You can visit 123print for additional info on their cards. It’s a cool site and I’ve been checking it out myself.

They’re the closest thing to whatever you want to say to any loved ones to a personalised christmas cards this Christmas; hey they’re personal, aren’t they?

Music and Me

This is my son banging on the electric drums with my hubby and my son's cousins, they sure look like they're enjoying the beat of a Korean song. My hubby was in a band in his teens, he used to be a drummer and they joined band competitions. My son told me that he wants to play the drums too just like his dad.

Siopao, anyone?

My hubby's newest culinary creation. Siopao! or Chinese hot buns with pork filling. He challenged himself to make some when he saw it on you tube. His first try didn't quite look good, but that never discouraged him to make good siopao. He finally got it right on his 3rd attempt. They tasted good and looked good as well. My son obviously loves them, that's his second bun by the way.

Welcome To The World Baby Casey!

The newest member of our family arrived last Sept 24. Casey Puno Galvez, a cute baby boy. He looks so adorable in these pics which i got from their fS account. Hope to see you soon Casey.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Secret To A Happy Marriage

When was the last time you heard a familiar love song and all of a sudden your husband or wife pops up in your mind, the last time you felt so excited to tell your spouse stories from work or constantly remind him or her of a weekend movie date. A simple kiss goodnight or a wake up hug may not be the first thing in your mind when you're married for 10 years or so. Looking back in our girlfriend/boyfriend years, when a kiss tasted so sweet and a hug felt like forever, it seems like most couples have drifted far away from passion and excitement. Marrying someone only seals the deal. Nothing should change except for the wife's last name, nothing more. We take good care of our relationship before marriage because we know that it can all be over anytime someone screws up. We're so afraid to make mistakes because it might lead to a break up and so a simple fight is really avoided. We always make sure to talk things over and we make extra effort to work things out. If we think all of these things now that we're married, it's so easy to settle any differences with our partners. Kisses will surely be sweeter and hugs will definitely feel like heaven. Don't think too much about the marriage part, you and your spouse have been together way before you got into this marriage thing anyway. Don't let a piece of paper change the way you and your husband/wife talk or how you look at each other. Think of your wife as your girlfriend and your husband as your boyfriend. Bring back the mystery and the fear of losing him/her should not be forgotten. Try to understand one another and make extra effort to have quality time with each other. Once you consider all these things, you'll surely be on your way to a Happily Ever After story.

Bloody sky

Some times the sky looks scary because of his colors and shape. Most elderly interpret this kind of structure of the clouds.They say that we will be having bad weather, more on rain and flood when you see this sky. I think they're right. Well as of this moment, most of our fellow Filipinos are still in flooded areas and have lost their houses because of the typhoon Ondoy. This may be the best time to show our deep concern to our brothers and sisters. What do you think?

Oplan Habitat

It's been a long time that this place looks clean and peaceful. And the people our quite following the rules of some officials.
As you can see now people are using the pedestrian lane,just like before they cross the street every time they wanted too.
It is nice and encouraging to all if we continue this good habit of ours, following the laws and rules of our city government.

Bridging the gap

One of the most rewarding things for me in life is to be able to travel and learn about other culture in the process. I must admit, the world is a huge place to roam and the best way to appreciate it is by understanding the people living in every country we are planning to visit. But learning every language may seem impossible, and the best way we can all understand one another is by speaking a common language.

The English language may be the most common and probably the easiest language we can learn. Most of us, if not all, have started to learn about the English language way back in our early school years. Most schools teach Basic English to kids while still in their preliminary years. While others may not have the knowledge to speak English fluently, most of us can understand the language.

But how about other countries who have not introduced the English language to children through the school system? I feel that these people who cannot speak and even understand Basic English have been deprived to a wider relationship from people outside their country which may affect their lives greatly.

That’s where Teach English in Italy step in; and the best thing about this is that you can be a part of it.

Imagine traveling the world, learning, teaching and getting paid all at the same time. It might be too good to be true but it can definitely happen.

We have been truly blessed, despite of the current economic status the whole world experiences and this is a great way of giving back and sharing our blessings to our fellowmen all over the world.

Besides, who doesn’t want a vacation and a job or better yet, your work and your vacation all rolled into one

Gift of Love

God is great because he gave me again a wonderful gift “baby”. I’m 2months pregnant

It’s been 10 years waiting for another baby to come. But my OB doctor advised me to stay at home and rest for some reason.

Hope god is with me until the end.

Make It Personal

Our choices of loots, goodies, gadgets, clothes and personal stuff vary greatly on appearance and looks. A simple something to someone might be a dull nothing to somebody else.

Most of us have yet to find ourselves in things we purchase and invest. Our ‘personal touch’, so to speak.

One company can help you express yourself and not blow up your budget.

I came across it on the net, and I was amazed on the things they offer. They let you choose your design and if ever you did not find something you like, their designers will help you make the design you have in mind. design t-shirts online. How cool is that? They have everything from all sorts of cards, banners, office stuff and t-shirts.

So to know more about it just visit and you’ll be on your way.