Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Secret To A Happy Marriage

When was the last time you heard a familiar love song and all of a sudden your husband or wife pops up in your mind, the last time you felt so excited to tell your spouse stories from work or constantly remind him or her of a weekend movie date. A simple kiss goodnight or a wake up hug may not be the first thing in your mind when you're married for 10 years or so. Looking back in our girlfriend/boyfriend years, when a kiss tasted so sweet and a hug felt like forever, it seems like most couples have drifted far away from passion and excitement. Marrying someone only seals the deal. Nothing should change except for the wife's last name, nothing more. We take good care of our relationship before marriage because we know that it can all be over anytime someone screws up. We're so afraid to make mistakes because it might lead to a break up and so a simple fight is really avoided. We always make sure to talk things over and we make extra effort to work things out. If we think all of these things now that we're married, it's so easy to settle any differences with our partners. Kisses will surely be sweeter and hugs will definitely feel like heaven. Don't think too much about the marriage part, you and your spouse have been together way before you got into this marriage thing anyway. Don't let a piece of paper change the way you and your husband/wife talk or how you look at each other. Think of your wife as your girlfriend and your husband as your boyfriend. Bring back the mystery and the fear of losing him/her should not be forgotten. Try to understand one another and make extra effort to have quality time with each other. Once you consider all these things, you'll surely be on your way to a Happily Ever After story.