Friday, September 11, 2009

Study Habits For Kids

When I was a kid, my dad made sure we did our homework right after we got home from school. Dinner usually follow and after that, most probably we'd be in our PJs ready for bed. We barely had time to play or even stay up late watching TV on school nights. It's a big difference now with kids these days. After school is " video game till you drop" time. With all the gadgets readily available, they are easily distracted. Game consoles, portable games and cellphones are just a few of the things kids would rather be busy on instead of homework or projects. Maybe I can never get used to see 8- year old kids with cellphones or 10- yr olds with laptops. Isn't that a bit too soon for their age? Sure many of you loving parents can afford to buy all these things to your kids, but if we give them unecessary things, we are in a sense, teaching them negative values. Yes we want our kids to be intelligent, updated with the latest technologies the world can offer. We want nothing but the best for them, the best that we can possibly give. There's nothing wrong with keeping up with technology, but we should never forget that a child always needs guidance. Although there are a lot of smart kids out there who are really out of the chart intelligent, they are still kids. And I think we have to share to them what we learned from our parents. Basic values and virtues like discipline is, for me, a must in a every child if we really want them to succeed in life.