Friday, March 20, 2009

Letter of the Year

"No more classes, No more books!" Another school year is about to close and I'm sure every student is excited. No need to wake up early for school or stay up late for home works and projects. Our kids deserve a break, and a vacation is like a reward for them. But sometimes our kids are the ones who give us rewards. I picked up my 10-year old son from school today, he said his teacher gave him a note because he was too stubborn in class. He handed the letter to my husband and after reading it, my husband smiled and hugged our son. It was a note saying he got second honors in his class. We are so proud of you Macoy, keep it up.


Meryl said...

wow! congratulations sister ^_^
blow out hehehe! ^_^

Eds said...

Uyy! kagaling na naman Macoy! Congrats to Macoy and to the proud parents! :)

Dhemz said...

wow! am so happy for you sis...hehehe...what a great accomplishment for your should give him a reward...hehhehe!