Friday, April 02, 2010

Penetensya 2010

Why people always trying to hurt them selves? They don't know what is the meaning of all this
matter. For being Holy to god or just only for the sake of Filipino tradition.
For the info after this bleeding hour they take bath and ready to go Alcohol session
"Inuman na"
Is this the right way expressing your self and asked for forgiveness?


Gi-Ann said...

aw i've been scanning related post ate nga rin yung tanong ko..why do they have to hurt themselves. Tradition yata yung pinangangatawanan nila eh.

been too long since i visited you here.

Sandy said...

How horribly barbaric. What is the religious reason for doing harm to one's body, which is a gift from God?

I had no idea something this un-civilized still took place. Gives me the willies.

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