Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bonding with my Sister's

Being the youngest in the family I have my own way of expressing how I feel and ways to bond with my sisters. Sometimes I ask my sis to go to my house for dinner. Me and my hubby always love company, we make sure that our guests are happy and they have a good dose of laughter every time they come to visit.This makes us even closer with each other.
Chatting about our eldest bro's daily activities, as well as his love life, about having a mistress and things about it, nice way to start a conversation...
Mostly we talk about our problems and everyone related to us, about household and raising children. Most important is our relationship with our husbands.  Is any 3rd party involved? Are we happy in our Marriage ?
But sometimes I admit that it's not really that necessary to talk about all of those things, but sometimes some of us try  to hide what's really going on,  pretending to have a successful marriage, good children and financially stable. I guess sometimes you have to spill little white lies just to save others of more problems.