Monday, October 04, 2010

Our Play

Last weekend me and my son, with his cousins, all played a game of tug. My playmates back then called the game Tug of War. Anyway, I thought of playing tug with the kids, aged not more than 10 years old, because I noticed they don't have any physical activities especially on their free time. After school, it's either TV or computer. They don't even talk to each other that much, and when they do talk, it usually end up in bickering.

I always compare myself when I was their age; well everyone is telling me that kids these days are really more on techy stuff. They maybe right, but I'm just curious if these kids are willing to try the old games for a change.

When I got the chance to make these lazy kids sweat their hearts out, I jumped right in and told them that we will play a game of tug. They agreed to give it a try and sure enough, they liked it. They want to keep going but they easily get tired, they run out of breath so easily. Well I'm kinda expecting that because they're not really used to pull that hard.

We had to cut the game short because it was getting dark. Before I left them, they asked when will our next game be? I promised them a game the following day. They all came, and were all excited.

I guess kids will always be kids no matter what.


carlota said...

that's fun! by the way ready ur message on my tagboard. please email me at

Have a wonderful day.

Dhemz said...

korek! these days mga new generation wala na masyadong physical activities.

looks like everybody had a blast!