Tuesday, February 17, 2009

14th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival

Feb 15 , Sunday,the last day of the Hot Air Balloon Festival held at Clark Field, Pampanga. You really have to be early because so many people attend every year. It usually starts around 7 am. You have to be inside at least 15 mins early to have a good spot to watch the program. It takes about an hour from parking to buying tickets to actually get inside. The ticket part is the most difficult part, because only one booth sells tickets. So you really have to be patient. There were about 15 balloons from different countries that joined the festival. There were also parachutes, gliders and small planes in the exhibition. Lots of souvenirs are available for sale. It was truly a unique experience with my family. Hope to see you there next year.


SHARQUE said...

madami din pala tao nanonood ng hot air balloon.. and looks fun too.. hope we could watch next year.. :-)

Heart of Rachel said...

We attended the last one and had a fabulous time with my family. Sadly we weren't able to make it this year because of a busy weekend. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos. Thanks also for dropping by my blog.