Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Month of May

Fiesta The month of May is full of special events. One of which is Fiesta wherein every barangay's patron saint is celebrated annually. Ati-atihan (native dancers) are seen in almoist every town's fiesta with parlor games and of course food is in full blast in every house.
Flores de mayo Flores de mayo or Santa Cruzan is a parade of beautiful ladies in elegant gowns. The Reyna Elena and her escort the Emperatris are just some of the characters in the parade. This is one of the most awaited moment for young girls and boys.
Tuli or Circumcision
For the boys TULI is the start of their teenage life. Yes , Binata na ako !! I asked one of my nephews who went through it last week. He said it really hurt. I think it's more painful for them to say goodbye to their childhood than the actual operation. My son stilll has a year before turning on a new leaf in his life. I do hope he enjoys every second.