Sunday, July 19, 2009

Apag Marangle(Exotic restuarant)

Friday July 17 is niece 10Th birthday. I almost forgot because my IL are still with me preparing for our dinner that night,while cutting some ingredients for the Palabok. I hear my cellphone ringing and then my sister is on the line telling me that their on they way to pick me up and we go out to my niece birthday blowout. We went to an exotic restaurant, this our some of the food we ordered.
The Pinaupong na Manok or fried chicken.It looks simple but taste good it has a lemongrass flavor and tender the souse is half sour and salty.
This is a Balot or Egg with chicks. The balot is good with the sizzling garlic flavor. This recipe is one the specialty of the Campampangan .
This is a frog one of the exotic recipe of the capampangan, a fried one with the vinegar in bowl. It is crispy and taste like chicken , the others cooked it in soup like tinola,chili leaves and ginger.


*josie* said...

sarap naman, looks delicious, I have not tried eating the frog, but they said it tasted like chicken.

Horlic said...

Look so delicious.

Thess said...

Oh wow! this was the first time that I've seen balut prepared! I always thought there was only one way to eat it, and that is straight from the shell!

Do you by any chance have this recipe? Thanks in advance.

Thess (

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow mukhang masarap sis!
kokak!kokak! di ko pa na try yan..patikman nga...meron p b kahit tira?