Friday, July 17, 2009

Portable sewing Machine

This portable sewing machine is Perfect for On-the spot Repair & Much More. It's hand-held and it's very convenient to use. My MIL brought this sewing machine from Guam. It's a gift from my BIL last Mother's Day. My hubby, being the joker that he is, keeps making fun of the sewer, he convinced everybody in the house to let him repair their damaged clothes. He even wore my eyeglasses to give it a full tailor effect. With the clothes on the table and the sewer right in front of him, he started tinkering with it and acted as if he really knew what he was doing. Everybody laughed as he went on with his funny moves. He was so serious, maybe that's what made it funny. My hubby can really bring a smile on someone's face. Anyways, he finished every repair with satisfactory results and his so called "customers" were quite pleased. A job well done.


Heryrhey said...

Useful machine to help repair clothes and many more, needed in U family.

Best regards :

Dana Telecom said...

It will be very useful because the portability.

Dhemz said...

nako sis I have 2 of these...and were broken....I am not satisfied with mine....glad to know this works for your MIl....:)

eden said...

i had 1 portable sewing machine i bought from a garage sale. after few times using it, it was broken. but my hubby bought another one for me but i haven't started using it yet..hehehe