Monday, September 20, 2010


Now a day’s all mothers are freaking out to tiny lousy critters LICE.  Some of them thinking that their too clean, fresh. Having illusions that they would not happen to nice and clean people like them.
If your child say’s itchy or start scratching his heads, especially by the nape of his neck or around his ears, check him out immediately. Lice can get through you with sharing your brushes, combs, pillows, towels, or sleep on with the same bed. 

One thing lice can’t fly or jump through the air. But they do crawl really fast.  And Head lice don’t carry and diseases, their just a nuisance.
Some parents get rid of the critters, they applying too many oils, creams, conditioners and some uses pesticide  but not safe.

Preventing lice to transfer to other heads clean and wash all pillow cases, bedding's, towels, as all be infested with lice. Dip all hairbrushes with hot water and vacuum the play area.
The most common treatment for lice pediculicides  in the form of  permethrin shampoo. Massage the scalp with permrthrin for about 15minutes and rinse thoroughly.

For me the best weapon is COMB or (suyod) because is fine –toothed comb. But even if lice are killed, they stay stuck on your child hair strands. Use your lice comb or remove it with your fingers. And comb every three or four days for two weeks to make sure you have remove all lice.