Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Empty Orchestra

If you say empty orchestra in Japanese, you’ll likely end up with a microphone in your hand. That’s because empty orchestra means KARAOKE which is very popular in Japan. It is a form of entertainment in which amateur singers sing along a recorded music and follow lyrics displayed on a monitor. This form of entertainment has been with us since the 1970’s.

There were disputes about who invented the name karaoke. A Japanese named Daisuke Inoue claimed he invented the karaoke-styled machine but he did not bother to patent his invention losing his chance in becoming Japan’s richest man. Then came a Filipino inventor named Roberto Del Rosario who called his sing-along system Minus-One now holds the patent for the device now commonly known as Karaoke Machine.

No wonder Filipinos love music, and some are not satisfied just being audiences, they step up and be performers. That’s the karaoke way of life.