Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day

Fathers are the foundation of our family; a quiet source of our daily living and sometimes funds.

He believes it is his duty to provide for the family and never ask in return.

This father’s day, why not pay tribute to the man you look up to by gifting him something expensive or treat him like a king.

Cook his favorite dish, dessert or ask him to go out and watch a movie, ask him to play his favorite sports golf. Well, for me and my boy our priceless gift is the LOVE and CARE .

Father’s Day it’s always a special day for my hubby. Right now, however, I’m looking at all you fathers out there,

all of you who trying so hard to be dads, I’ll just wish that show all your love and affection to your love ones, and secured them with your dreams ....

To my Father in Law and my Dear husband, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY we love you.


Dhemz said...

this is very sweet sis....happy father's day to your hubby and FIL...:) ano gift mo? ehehehhe!

Gi-Ann said...

touch naman yung fathers nito.You really know how to make simple things great sis.
Talent mo na siguro yun to appreciate the wonders of simlple actions.

:) i greeted my father already and am glad about it.

hard to be dad nga sabi mo sa post.

take care always sis.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, happy father's day sa iyong dad and sa iyong husband! ^_^

Imelda said...

thanks for the greetings sis. hapi fathers day to ur hubby. me here im still looking, lol.

Faye said...

happy father's day to your husband!:)

Skippyheart said...

Happy Father's Day to them! =)

eden said...

happy father's day to your husband and your dad in law..

Dorothy L said...

That was very dear. Fathers deserve the best day ever:)

Kero said...

I really like the post. I made hubby his favorite oreo cheesecake.

Have a great week ahead!