Friday, June 12, 2009

Scrubs Magazine

Many magazines are introduced now with different topics mostly about health and lifestyle. Iv ’e known about a magazine for nurses, It was introduced to me by my sister Cielo, who is health- conscious. That day I’ve started viewing the mag, it’s a combined newly arrived news and health for nurses .It is very useful for you and your family.

Every topic has its useful tips on the do’s and don’ts of taking good care of your health ,mind relaxation ,fashion ,gadgets ,love ,money ,even beauty care, money and entertainment .

In a day we don’t actually get through a task without any doubt doing it .Did you ever experience problems dealing with things on what or how to do it? Scrubs will make a way with that one. It’s a reading guide specially made for nurses for their busy lifestyle under stress .It will surely put a smile on your face, remove your wrinkles and feel younger, leaving you with a problem-free day. Doing things with ease, without beating up yourself keeps you going on with an enjoyable, fuller life.

I’ve applied many tips I read in the magazine on my everyday life and try to share them with my loved ones and friends. I learned that it’s better to prevent than to cure. They ask me where did I get all this info. I just say go to and start seeing the difference.