Thursday, June 25, 2009


Look at the spaces in between the branches and leaves. See anything special? If you look long enough you'll begin to see figures of things. I see an airplane and a large bird right in the middle. See it? look closely. When we were children, our imagination exceeds our logic. That's why we can play with simple things. A piece of paper can be a blanket for a doll or a simple leaf could be a next ingredient in your make up kitchen. Sometimes we have to use our imagination to remind ourselves that we were once a child and to keep that child in all of us.


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ako sis may nakitang cross. ^_^

Dorothy L said...

Your words are very wise.

We all must practice using one mind at a time and giving that mind total attention so as not to miss all the beauty there is around us :)

Too many minds cause great distraction and confusion :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice photo of the trees and the sky sis! maki-nature ka din pala.. such a serene place in there watching the sky above and magmumuni-muni. I love it sis Khaye!